Anderstorpsskolan School fined SEK 200k

On 20/Aug/2019, Anderstorpsskolan School received a privacy fine of SEK 200,000. The enforcement authority (Swedish Data Protection Authority) has cited these legal provisions in imposing the fine on Anderstorpsskolan School: GDPR/


Date of enforcement action:
Jurisdiction: Fine imposed:
Sweden Flag for Sweden, which is the jurisdiction taking enforcement action SEK 200,000 (US$20,800)
Defendant company or entity: Industry segment:
Anderstorpsskolan School Government /

Case summary

The Swedish DPA has imposed a fine on the Skelleftea School Board in the sum of SEK 200,000 for the improper processing of the personal data of children. The Anderstorpsskolan School operated a trial facial recognition system for the purpose of tracking student attendance. The system would identify students based on their facial features, with an algorithm, and use this information to track attendance.

“The face recognition trial was underway for a few weeks at Anderstorpsskolan in Skelleftea and 22 pupils were affected. Each time the sudents entered the classrom, they were recognized by a camera, which meant that the teacher did not have to make any notes about attendance.” (

The Swedish DPA found that the Skelleftea School Board had not obtained sufficient consent for the relevant data collection and subsequent processing. The DPA also found that the facial recognition system was not necessary for the purpose of documenting attendance and that other measures could have been employed.

The Swedish DPA’s decision can be appealed.

(Swedish DPA)

Applicable legal provisions


Enforcement information

Enforcement authority: Type of enforcement action:
Swedish Data Protection Authority Flag for Sweden, which is the jurisdiction taking enforcement action Penalty notice
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